Dive College Lanzarote started in 2001 with Bart Prinsen. Now the dive centre has a fixed team of 7 persons: Bart & Marian (owners), Damian, Marc, Salva , Mara and Bob. All have years of experience working as a PADI instructor and have trained lots of students. Damian has been working at Dive College since the summer of 2002, Marc since 2012, and Bruno since 2017. In the summer season, the team counts 10 instructors and divemasters in total.

Bart Prinsen

PADI Staff Instructor, 2 * C.M.A.S. instructor, SSI instructor & instructor for the R.A.B. (Rebreather Advisory Board)
From: Holland
DCL team member since December 2001
Experience: In 1994, I received an educational excellence award from PADI Europe for innovation, leadership, and professionalism in diving education. Over the years, I have trained more than 1,000 PADI students and made over 14000 dives.
Speaks: English, Dutch, Spanish, German
Likes: Movies, cooking, Freediving and travelling.
Started diving: I started diving in 1986, and since then, I have worked for different dive centres and companies.
What I like best about my job:  Teaching scuba diving allows you to meet people from various backgrounds who share a common interest. Witnessing your students progress and become confident divers can be very rewarding.

Bart Prinsen, Dive College Lanzarote
Marian de Jongh Swemer, Dive College Lanzarote

Marian de Jongh Swemer

PADI Master Instructor, PADI Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer
From: Holland
DCL team member since: June 2002
Experience: certified over 550 PADI students
Speaks: English, Dutch, German & French
Likes: The beach, sun, tapas, shopping travelling and my job of course
Started diving: In a pool in Holland in 1992 and will never forget my first breath underwater.
What I like best about my job: “Helping people who have never dived before to overcome their fears and discover the beautiful underwater world in Lanzarote. Their enthusiastic reaction is something you never forget! Just come to Lanzarote and I will take you on a fantastic underwater discovery tour.

Damian Hayward

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
From: England, south London
DCL team member since: September 2002
Experience: certified over 450 PADI students
Speaks: English & Spanish
Likes: Rock music, movies, The Arsenal and his motorbike.
Started diving: I started diving in 1995 and was instantly hooked
What I like best about my job: “It’s just great doing what I want for a living, not something just for money.”

Damian Hayward, Dive College Lanzarote
Marc Kattouw, Dive College Lanzarote

Marc Kattouw

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, TDI (Technical Diving International)
From: Holland
DCL team member since: first in 2002 and now again since 2013
Experience: certified over 350 PADI students
Speaks: Dutch, English, German, Spanish and French
Likes: Water sports such as waterskiing and sailing and spending time with the dog
Started diving: I have done my PADI Open Water Diver course in 1992
What I like best about my job: The underwater life fascinates me but the best part is training new and experienced divers.

Bob Haigh

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (Speciality Instructor – Deep, S&R, Wreck, Drift, Nitrox, PPB)
From: England, Barnsley
DCL team member since: April 2017
Experience: Dived in over 20 different countries including ice diving in the Tyrol and Cave Diving in Borneo.
Speaks: English (try’s a little German & Spanish)
Likes: Barnsley Football Club, Good Food, and Status Quo
Started diving: I learnt to Dive in 1992 in Belize (Central America) clear warm waters surrounded by big Fish. My first European water dive was in the UK in Dec 1993 visibility less than one meter water temp 4 degrees and all I saw was a shopping trolley but I was already hooked!
What I like best about my job: Meeting new and interesting people on a daily basis of all nationalities, sharing the underwater world with them in the process making new friends.

Bob Haigh, staff Dive College Lanzarote, Playa Blanca
Jan Sturre, staff Dive College Lanzarote, Playa Blanca

Mara Guida

PADI Scuba instructor, SUP guide and Free dive instructor
From: Italy
DCL team member since 2016
Speaks: Italian, Spanish, English, French
Likes: Diving, Freediving, snorkelling, stand-up paddleboarding and cooking
Started diving: 2010
What I like best about my job: “To meet new people every day and life near the sea”
Mara Guida is our Freedive instructor. AIDA Ranking

Jan Sturre, Dive College Lanzarote

Jan Sturre

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
From: Holland
DCL team member since: Dutch agent since 2009
Speaks: English, German and Dutch
Likes: My Family and amaze our guests with Table Magic
Started diving: In 1998 I did my Open Water Diver course in Holland.
What I like best about my job: “Around 3 times a year I help my friends out as a ‘volunteer Dive Master’. I want to come over more but unfortunately, due to my regular job in Holland, this is not possible”

Tom Kelly

PADI Divemaster/Digital Underwater Photography instructor
From: Ireland
Experience: Underwater Photographer/Digital image maker
Speaks: English and Irish
Likes: Long Holidays
Started diving: Summer 2008
What I like best about my job: Discovering new challenges and adventures every day

Tom Kelly, Dive College Lanzarote