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Why do your PADI Advanced course with Dive College Lanzarote?

  • Unique beachside location offering easy access to a beautiful natural reef (360º view)

  • Team of experienced instructors – thousands of students have already been taught by us

  • Courses available in your own language

  • Do the Museo Atlántico dive as part of the course

  • Varied choice of dives such as wreck, boat and night

  • Free transport service to and from your hotel in Playa Blanca

  • Flexible planning – structure the course around your holiday

  • Dives will be from the boat and shore

  • All facilities (toilets, shower, changing rooms etc.) available onsite

  • Complete your course in a safe, relaxed and fun atmosphere!

Want to take your diving to the next level? Become an Advanced Open Water Diver. This course allows you to explore all that diving has to offer. You gain additional experience and skills under the guidance of an instructor.

Depth: max. 30 m.
Duration: 2-3 days

Before we start

  1. Be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver or have an equivalent rating.
  2. Be 12 years of age or older.

Course Overview

  • Theory using the manual or online
  • Navigation and deep dive (deeper than 18 meters)
  • If you follow the fixed program you also do the boat dive, digital photo dive, and the fish id dive. You can also choose to do another dive for a small extra fee: wreck dive, night dive, peak performance buoyancy dive, underwater naturalist, search and recovery dive or a dive with enriched air (nitrox).

Theory: start online

To do the theory there are different options:

  1. You can do the theory when you are here.
  2. You can order the e-book in advance and already prepare at home.
  3. You can start the theory online now with PADI e-learning.
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  • You choose this option when you want to do the complete PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course in Lanzarote. With this option you either already have your PADI Adventures in Diving manual or you buy this when you arrive here (40 euro). This option costs 330 euro (excl. manual)


  • With this option you already get the PADI eBook and start your course today. This saves you time on your holiday. You will prepare the knowledge reviews for the 5 dives that you do for the course and discuss them when you are here. After we receive your payment (49 euro) we register you on the PADI website and you will receive a login code from PADI to download your eBook. When you are here you will get a discount on your course and only pay 286 euro. This option costs 335 euro (49 euro for the eBook and 286 euro for the course)